How did it all begin?

Hi, my name is Lilach and I’m the CEO and founder of My greatest love has always been art, but I never had the chance to follow it as a profession. Instead, I focused my life on creating a successful real-estate company and raising two beautiful kids. A year ago I decided to leave my job and pursue my real passion. I decided to create an online gallery, which brought me to encounter the amazing artist Max164. The meeting with Max changed my perspective towards the formal art scene, and developed an interest in a new issue;

There are lots of talented digital artists today, that create magnificent artworks on the digital media, but we can only see them on our screen. I decided that I want to bring these artworks to life.

Digital art takes us on an amazing ride, stretching the boundaries of art using cutting-edge technology. Constantly evolving, it defies all rules, following pure passion and creativity. We get to bring this incredible digital art to life in a way that fully acknowledges and manifests its facets. Curating the most disruptive, innovative, and interesting artists in the scene, we compose limited additions of selected artwork. Digitally printed on acrylic glass using the latest acrylic glass printing technology creates an artwork that pops out of the frame like no other, thanks to the highest quality possible, vivid colors, full resolution, saturated color. Each artwork is numbered and signed by the artist. Included with every artwork is also a certificate of authenticity.