Longque Chen

Born in China, Chen completed his Product Design studies in The Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing in 2010, followed by Illustration studies in The Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California, he graduated in 2018.

In the last three years he had worked in the Gaming and film industries focusing on freelance concept design for video games.

Longque Chen is a concept artist with a passion for hard surface concept design. Weapons, props, vehicles, spaceships, and robotic machines are very evident in his work. So is use of nature elements magically evolved into man-made machines.

Chen is able to maintain a harmonious balance between futuristic and modern functions. 

“I get most of my inspiration from the real world, particularly from elements of nature like plants, as well as man-made items like transportation means. I do not study them as an engineer nor as a scientist. Instead, I try to use their inherent knowledge as tools to make something fun out of them. My personal favorite references for creating mechanical structures are creatures like mammals and insects”.

Currently 32 years old, his sketch works is collected and exhibited in the book “Sketching from the Imagination creatures & monsters” published by 3dtotalPublishing.