Maya Agam

Maya Agam is a Multidisciplinary artist. Born in France, based in Tel-aviv, Israel. Her work varies the gap between art and design. She celebrates human nature on its infinite complexities. First, through the prism of gender, what defines us as a man or woman, dichotomous definitions, to the subject of body image, beauty myths,  social conventions, basic concepts of science versus romantic concepts of love and emotion. 

Maya very influenced by dance, musicians, fashion designer human behavior and romance. The art and dances of the choreographer Pina Bausch really opened my eyes. 

I often use the human body or its interference as my inspiration. Classic statues, historical portraits and even lexicons illustrations and images.  Different reproductions of the body or deformation, in order to defy its original form, break the myth of beauty and try to produce from it a new image that shakes off all definitions we know. I tend to use photography as my first technique and then different ways to reinvent it through computer softwares. The thing I love the most, is that digital art is a tool with which you can create new realities. In terms of the human body or in every other aspect, you can recreate shapes or images in a way you can question, protest, defy or reinforce its original appearance and by that deliver you message.

Maya Agam began her research in her  book “A Book About Gender” - a lexicon format dealing with the complexity of definitions relating to human nature. Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Today, Agam is involved in art direction, graphic design and multidisciplinary art.