Or Menaged

An autodidact artist, based in Haifa, Israel.

Or’s inspiration is driven from movies, comic books and also his dreams, but mainly from a large group of contemporary artists, such as James Jean, Takashi Pom, and Allen Williams.

Or’s works are also inspired by more classical influences, such as Caspar David Friedrich, Goya (specifically Goya’s etchings), and old etchings such as of Rembrandt's and Van Gogh’s Blue “phase”.

In his works Or tries to talk about the everyday troubles and focus on mental health problems, which in his opinion “ is the epidemic of the modern age, as too many people knowingly from and others unknowingly suffer as they get no help from their surroundings.” Another issue he likes to tackle a lot lately is an existential one, fear of the question: “why are we here and what is our purpose, in this modern age where there are too many people and much less place to be recognized for your contribution. Do you become another cog in the machine, or should you try to break out of the mold, one way or another?