Tattooed zebra
Tattooed zebra
Tattooed zebra
Tattooed zebra
Tattooed zebra

Tattooed zebra

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This digital painting was created by the artist Maya Pery. Her series of artworks present different animals dressed as humans. It is almost satirically. These imaginary creatures feel almost alive, their expression is human-like. It seems like we already met them, sometimes in a different famous artwork that the artist was inspired.  Maya said: "In the city, we all must be serious and controlled - go to work or school, act like adults, do what we should do… but, in my eyes, deep down, we’re all just like animals closed in a cage, beautiful creatures who want to break free. I wish we could all feel free to release that bizarre animal we have inside and make room for all the others."


Signed open edition prints:

- Printed on acrylic glass, size 30*30 cm/11.8*11.8 inch

- Printed on acrylic glass 3 mm

- Weight between 750grams- 1kg / 1.65lb- 2.2lb

- Signed open edition prints are recommended to purchase as a series of triplet

Limited edition prints:

- Limited edition of 20 copies printed on acrylic glass, size 80*80 cm/32*32 inch

- Received with a certificate of authenticity

- Printed on acrylic glass 4mm 

- Weight between 1.5kg- 2kg / 3Ib- 4Ib 

* All the artworks are easy and simple installation: Small and thin aluminium frame on the back of the artwork.

* Highest quality possible, vivid colors and full resolution


Shipping Info:

- The artworks printed on acrylic glass 80*80 cm are shipped in a box. The artworks printed on acrylic glass 30*30 cm are shipped in a padded envelope.

- Free Shipping  (to most locations worldwide)

- Due to Corona Days free Shipping within 21 business days.